The First Wave: March Releases

You may be saying to yourself “Ladybox Books. Books. Where are the books?!”

Right around the corner, my friend!

I’m pleased to announce that the debut releases from Ladybox Books will be dropping in March and I’m positively elated to announce that those novels will be:

The Pulse Between Dimensions and the Desert by Rios de la Luz

Jigsaw Youth by Tiffany Scandal.

After working with these ladies on the box set (there are still a few left, grab one here!) I knew I had to put out more of their work. I’m honored that they were on board and can’t wait to share these books with everyone.

Also due out in March, from Ladybox Books parent press Broken River Books, are:

The Blind Alley by Jake Hinkson
On the Black by Ed Dinger
Scores by Robert Paul Moreira
Nothing Crown by Michael Kazepis
Death Don’t Have No Mercy by William Boyle
Will the Sun Ever Come Out Again? by Nate Southard
Visions by Troy James Weaver

Sibling publisher King Shot Press will also be dropping its debut releases in March, so look out for these titles as well:

Leverage by Eric Nelson
Strategies Against Nature by Cody Goodfellow
Killer & Victim by Chris Lambert

It’s going to be a damn fine month for books. 


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