Ladybox Contest: Did You Find the Golden Ticket?

Somewhere in the fifty boxes of Ladybox there is a chapbook NOT signed by Tiffany Scandal. You may have been pining for her ultra sweet signature but she’s got something special in store for you!

“I contributed a chapbook to the limited run of the LadyBox box set. I signed the back of every single chapbook except for one. The one photographed here, with a printed name and what looks like it could be a dick is a very special chapbook that was packed away in one of the fifty boxes. The recipient of that chapbook should contact me because you’ve won a lofty prize: a box set of the published authors in this set (plus a few random goodies). So if you got it, contact me at scandal.the.strange (at) with proof and contact info. Good luck!”

– Tiffany Scandal

IMG_4228-1.PNGThe chapbook has yet to be claimed and there are only SIX left in stock. If you haven’t gotten yours yet, and this sounds like a prize you’d love to win (why wouldn’t it?!) head over to the S T O R E and get one now before they’re gone! 


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