Artist of the Month: Alicia Smith (Interview, Pt. 3)

Smith_Cipactli and Tezcatlipoca2

Cipactli and Tezcatlipoca is about the labor and abnegation of our mothers on behalf of their children. How it seems in creation myths all over the world, the great mother is deconstructed by a man, usually her son, who makes a habitable landscape for people from her. That women provide the Prima Materia. In this piece I have the moment that Tezcatlipoca attacks Cipactli and His body falls apart into Bees. Bees are a very loaded symbol in my work, they are matriarchal, a reminder of the collective impact of small actions. By dismantling the hero, by having each spot slowly transform into bees, I’m showing the jaguar in its female origins and asking it to take responsibility. The source of abundance and nurturing is female. That women provide the greatest sacrifice of all: their bodies and life force for the sake of their people.


You can view more of Alicia’s work here.
Part 4 of her interview will be up on February 27th.


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