Artist of the Month: Lauren Dale

eyes Ldale

Art for a CD cover

When I started this series (pictured below), I was going through a lot of personal issues within myself. Family wasn’t doing so well, I wasn’t doing so well and… to be frank, had a lot of thoughts spinning me around in different directions. Hence, all the faces. If I can set the scene to when this started, imagine a cold flipping night. I didn’t have any space in my room, so I went to the garage and placed three pieces of giant watercolor paper on the ground. I soaked them in spray bottle water and threw a bunch of random coins from a change drawer on them. Then I chose two colors of acrylic paint I liked. I put one color in the spray bottle with water and shook it. I sprayed that in the places i wanted. I made sure to leave blank space for the next color. I was already drinking and knew I would ruin it if i didn’t leave the painting alone.. So I slept after splattering paint everywhere.


Fast forward a week later, I forgot about the paper. It was a busy workweek. But I decide I need to get this done, I grab the pieces of paper from the garage floor and shake off the coins. I’m pretty sure their still all over the ground. It came out nicely. After work, I had made a play date with my best long time childhood friend, Sarah King. I come over with my spray bottle, paint and paper, and she gifts me objects of random shapes! A whole basketful of objects I can lay down. I use nearly all of them. From Barbie shoes to different utensils, cups, toys, anything I wanted, I LOVED THAT IT LEFT SILHOUETTES! I left it to stay in the garage while we watched cartoons, then after awhile I literally stare at the result. When I do this, I turn the paper in many angles, I saw faces, so I used a black color pencil to outline the people in darker colors I saw on top of the silhouettes of objects. The result looks like this:


And this is how I do things. I know sketching out your idea first is best… But it drove me crazy. I don’t like plans. I like to use my emotion and emptiness and lack of life to fuel my work.


Lauren Dale is an Oklahoma based artist and you can contact her at  Part 2 of her interview will be up on March 18th.


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