Artist of the Month: Lauren Dale (Interview, Pt 2)


Hold the Sky by Lauren Dale

Alphonse Mucha, Chiara Bautista, as far as artists go… Inspire me. The people that are in my life that inspire me are always are the smart ones. They organize, they read a lot more than I do. They are realistic. They are somewhat tethered to the Earth and have goals and dreams that they have already accomplished. Some of them don’t even realize how much I admire them. They have clean living spaces, their things have a place and are organized in the house… They sleep early… They get shit done. The go-getters. I don’t understand them at all, I’m so jealous. And yet; these friends never try to change me, and when they walk into my home… They don’t throw up from the tornado that is my life. They love me for me. Even though I’m a mess, in a lot of ways.


I don’t like using pencil first. I just like going. If it works, then cool, it works. For “Hold the Sky” I took a photo of a lady lighting a cigarette in the dark. It helped me create that piece. I don’t know why I did it. I think I came up with the idea after watching Ponyo or Sailor Moon clips on YouTube.

I like to paint when I’m unable to deal with the world around me.

I want to capture peaceful, loving, good moments… When I don’t feel them.


Lauren Dale is an Oklahoma based artist and you can contact her at Part 3 of her interview will be up on March 24th.


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