Tuesday Song Edition

beesLadyboxer Laura Lee Bahr takes a trip back to the Old Skool:

A decade plus a little change ago (2002-2003) LB (Laura Lee Bahr) and Dizzy Drone decide to form a rap band to the beats of Daddy Gung-ho (Dan Adams).  They called themselves The Beez and dressed in striped shirts and haphazard bee-wear.

They played several living rooms, house parties, a couple open-mics, when they were ‘discovered’ (they lived in the same house) by Andy Sapora who became The Beez manager. (He made cards and everything!) Andy moved The Beez to greater venues than living rooms: The M Bar and Club Lingerie. But, after making their final songs:  XXX and Kentucky Fried Woofer, The Beez dis-banded forever.

But sometimes one of the songs Daddy Gung-Ho recorded and mixed in that one-bedroom apartment on Shenandoah Street in the Pico-Robertson area of Los Angeles still pops up somewhere.

Today that place is Ladyblog.

Click here to listen to the song!


Beez in da hive
Written and performed by The Beez, 2002

DZ:  Hello Laura, this is your boss. We need to discuss your dress code, yes, the company dress code

LB: uh….
There’s a nine-headed demon breathing fire at my door
I send him cash by wire but he still wants more
He wants my credit, wants my checks, wants my goddamn fanny
In a chair for eight hours, he’s my motherfucking nanny.
But he’s not a nice nanny, he’s that criminal au pair
Who killed that little baby by shake shake shaking her
So what I need is a pure distraction
I need some fucking temp to perm satisfaction

DZ:  You really hate your job
Working every day
But if you fuck that temp
It might make it okay

DZ: Now you’re the sucker who’s stuck

LB: But you’re the looker who’s free
I ain’t got no dumb luck I just got a bum salary

DZ: I kinda sorta like the way we almost interact

LB: But I would like it much better if I was on my back

DZ: We ain’t had a conversation, much less a date

LB: But I think about you when I masturbate
So let’s got sauced, see how the systems are wired.

LB & DZ: Work sucks, let’s fuck, let’s both get fired!

DZ: You really hate your job (I really hate that job)
Working every day
You better fuck that temp
Before he goes away

LB & DZ: Right? Now.
Beez in the hive, beez in hive
Just doing their shit and speaking their jive
Beez in the hive working 8 to 5,
So how the hell the beez supposed to keep it alive?

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