Artist of the Month: Lauren Dale (Interview, Pt 3)


Lace Wing by Lauren Dale

I’ve learned that over time … Drawing things I wanted to always worked out better than creating art other people wanted. I like flight, wings, birds, women, kissing, hands, trees, insects, ocean life and cats. I have anime flares. I want loud, complementary colors. I like using objects to make different shapes. I stay at Michael’s for hours and buy things I don’t need. I ruin paintbrushes so fast it should be a crime. I enjoy having paint on my clothes, face or under my nails. I like odd numbers.

The people at the coffee shop know me as “the girl who paints with coffee”, literally WITH coffee, have you tried that!? Try it!


I have to have one song on repeat for hours sometimes when I work on something new. I know I’m not getting my apartments deposit back, the carpet is so screwed. I don’t think I’m special. I don’t think I am different. But I do like that some think part of me is … Able to capture something in a way people enjoy. I’m not good at writing and I tend to ramble, again, thanks for reading this far. It means a lot to me. All I know is: I can’t wait to get old, by the time my hair is all silvery I’m sure I’ll actually have the ovaries to say hey guys, check this painting I just did. I know, I love it too.

Birds Ldale

Editor’s note: The third photo is my personal favorite piece by Lauren and I wanted people to see it.

Lauren Dale is an Oklahoma based artist who adds color to the world and you can contact her at


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