Artist of the Month: Maribel Falcón (Interview, Pt 2)

Neruda by Maribel Falcón, Collage 2013

Neruda by Maribel Falcón, Collage 2013

A lot of my work is deeply personal, but that is not always so obvious. It actually takes me a very long time to complete a piece, because I have to think a million times over if what I want to say is put justly into aesthetic meaning. Many times, I feel like a piece isn’t completely done or I’m not entirely satisfied. Nevertheless, we have to move on. I go back sometimes and add and subtract, cut and paste, and in ways my work is an evolving piece of art. When I am completely satisfied, I take a deep breathe and appreciate the release of transferring so much emotion into a small piece of wood.

I like to think that people interpret art in the ways they need, at the times they need it the most. I have specific political messages that I convey, but I don’t necessarily expect people to see exactly what I see. In my work that conveys feminine identity and affirmation, I want womyn to see themselves as divine, as ancient wisdom carriers, as protectors of the earth and as balance to this current world.

Gloria Maguey by Maribel Falcón, Collage 2013

Gloria Maguey by Maribel Falcón, Collage 2013


Maribel Falcón is a xicana from West Tejas. She holds a BA in Sociology and Latin American studies from the University of Texas at Austin. She is a founding member of Cósmica, a feminist art collective that strives to unite and support womyn artists and professionals from alternative, under-represented, and diverse backgrounds. She works to support cultural movements that will push political movements and believes that everyone has the right to autonomy.

View more of her work here and here

Part 3 of her interview will be up on April 22nd 


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