Artist of the Month: Trissa Dodson (Interview, Pt. 3)

untitled (seated) by Trissa Dodson, Collage Drawing 2014

untitled (seated) by Trissa Dodson, Collage Drawing 2014

My process is pretty therapeutic. I can just busy my hands while my brain drifts. I’ll have studio days where I’ll just sift through magazines and rip out pages for hours. Then the next day I’ll just cut out images for hours. It’s quite relaxing for me. But there will be days and weeks where my pieces just won’t come together and it drives me insane. But there are those tiny moments of true catharsis where everything fits into place and a spiritual “FUCK YES!” washes over me, and I can move on. I think I’m perpetually striving for those moments, those miniature moments of temporary relief.

untitled (standing) by Trissa Dodson, Collage Drawing 2014

untitled (standing) by Trissa Dodson, Collage Drawing 2015

The topic of identity is such a huge question for me. I’m constantly struggling with who I feel like and when. I can’t help but feel like all elements of my identity are transferred into my art, however consciously or unconsciously, but my recent work is primarily exploring an identity crisis through my own feminist perspective. My mother is a Filipino-American veteran of the Army Nurse Corps; so I was raised to believe I could do anything boys can do, that I didn’t need a man’s approval or support to accomplish anything. But like most little girls, I hoped one day I would fall madly in love with the person of my dreams and maintain as wonderful a relationship as my parents. That being said, I struggle with being in love. This level of vulnerability, attachment, and dependency is challenging. I think a lot of those insecurities are transferred into my work.

Trissa Dodson is a 23 year old artist living and working in Brooklyn, NY. She earned her Bachelor of Art degrees in studio art and psychology from Florida Southern College in Lakeland, Florida. When she is not making art, she enjoys spending time with her family, eating at new restaurants, rearranging her apartment, and reveling in the presence of goofy animals. You can find more of her work at or @trissadodson on Instagram.

The last part of her interview will be up on May 27th.


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