Artist of the Month: Roxanne Patruznick (Interview, Pt. 1)

Gummy CSI by Roxanne Patruznick

Gummy CSI by Roxanne Patruznick

What or who inspires you to create?

I’m inspired by other artists, particularly the realist painters that influenced my work. John Singer Sargent’s painting El Jaleo, a painting of a Mexican dancer, blew me away the first time I saw it. Even though my work is very different than his, it reminds me of the stories an artist can tell with paint.

Even as a visual artist, I feel like there’s so much to learn and take from other mediums. Music, dance performance, photography, writing, film, and comedy, they all have something to teach us. Inspiration can come from anywhere. I’m often inspired by random ideas that I receive through meditation, dreams, and conversations with friends. An intriguing conversation can give me a new perspective on something and send me in a new direction that I hadn’t thought of before.

Snuggle by Roxanne Patruznick

Snuggle by Roxanne Patruznick

My current series of paintings are what I describe as narrative still lifes. Utilizing elements from my childhood–specifically candy and toys–I create mini-stories through a single image, the storytelling is as integral as the visual technique. What began as a way to make myself laugh, has quickly become an opportunity to share that humor and those laughs with others.


Roxanne’s Bio:

” I was raised in Los Angeles and have been making art since I was a kid, always drawing, painting, and making up stories. My influences derive not just from fine art, but from such diverse areas as film, music and performance. 

I attended California Institute for the Arts for animation and worked in the animation field for a number of years. Animation proved to be a continuation of my education in drawing and design, while at the same time influencing the craft and narrative in my paintings.”

See more of her work HERE.

Part 2 of her interview will be up at Ladyblog on June 10th.


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