Artist of the Month: Roxanne Patruznick (Interview, Pt. 2)

Gummi lingus by Roxanne Patruznick

Gummi lingus by Roxanne Patruznick

Is art cathartic for you?

Sometimes. Creating art as a professional, as well as for personal expression, makes it a more complex thing. When I’m being creative and making something entirely for myself it can be easier to find catharsis because selling the work isn’t a part of the goal.

I try to have a healthy separation between personal expression and my art business. When I’m creating, I try not to think about business. And when I’m planning my business, I try to keep the artist out of it. I also separate what I’d call art and what I’d call being creative. Art is a finished product. Being creative is all about the process.

Gummy and Bear by Roxanne Patruznick

Gummy and Bear by Roxanne Patruznick

Artist Statement:
Half of the fun for me is coming up with the stories. One of the intentions in my work is to soften the seriousness behind art and art making, infusing it with fun and a solid craft. It delights me to be able to make artwork that inspires playfulness and share it with others, to express silliness with a refined technique. My hope is that my art inspires all people to stay connected to their inner child and continue to play.


Roxanne’s Bio:

 I was raised in Los Angeles and have been making art since I was a kid, always drawing, painting, and making up stories. My influences derive not just from fine art, but from such diverse areas as film, music and performance. 

 I attended California Institute for the Arts for animation and worked in the animation field for a number of years. Animation proved to be a continuation of my education in drawing and design, while at the same time influencing the craft and narrative in my paintings.”

Check out more of her work HERE

Part 3 of her interview will be up at Ladyblog on June 17th.


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