Tuesday Poem: Stitching Genesis

stitching genesis by Julie Alexandra  la virgen statue her blood, warmed by white long candle jars
adorned with the illustrations of revered
catholic saints, re-dyes the blush of
la santísima virgen’s robe. my mother
preserves la virgen’s chastity with her rosary
blesses the holy womb on weeknights and
whispers to jesucristo by a makeshift altar.
plastic pictures of san martín de porres,
la virgencita, y dios are stuffed behind
a plastic gold crucifix, a large figurine of
san judas tadeo standing beside it. a bouquet
of vibrant synthetic flowers are fixed in a glass cup.
amá asks for dios to remind us why la misa
is so important and reminds us of sodoma
y gomorra when our critiques unravel like
telenovela secrets, tangled with undeniable,
cruel truths she can’t rebuttal. after reciting
the blessed miracles of various saints
she mumbles señor, dame paciencia,
and wonders what god’s plan for us is.

Born and raised in Boyle Heights, Julie loves exploring the plethora of identities society has bestowed upon her and others. When she’s not tasting limited edition oreos or writing various visions of the world, she’s figuring out how to navigate that post-graduate life.

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