Artist of the Month: Regina Román (Interview, Pt 1)

Linda del Valle

                                     Linda del Valle by Regina Román

I grew up in a very creative family. My father was very active in the Chicano poetry scene and my mother was a gifted pianist. The arts were a central focus in our family life. It was a very encouraging and supportive environment. They gave me the freedom to explore what I really loved, which was always the visual arts. Since I was a kid I have carried a sketchpad with me everywhere. I’ve never really needed a reason to create. Probably like most artists, It’s always been more of an obsessive need.

I’m still learning to examine my work and identify what my creative influences are but I’ve definitely always connected with arte popular. Some of the influences I pull from the most are the Mexican/Chicanx printmakers and muralists, religious iconography, graffiti culture, chicano graphic estilos, the d.i.y. punk aesthetic, folk art and comic books. They’re all unpretentious, often mass produced, accessible estilos that were meant to be shared con la gente. They exist and thrive with no need for validation from the world of art critics and museum patrons.


                                            Selena by Regina Román

Rios commentary: I really enjoy Regina’s work because it’s gorgeous, but also because it has a sense of humor behind it. Her work is political and powerful, but she can also make you chuckle with one image.


Follow Regina on TUMBLR and if you are in the San Antonio area, go to her show, Santa Vida, on August 8th. The next part of her interview will be up on August 12th.

Her Instagram: @flojalife
Commission requests:



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