Badass Reads

Current reading situation: seawitch #5 by Clementine Morrigan. This tiny zine packs some powerful words. I couldn’t put it down.

seawitch 5

seawitch #5 by Clementine Morrigan

Badass Reads is a collection of what to read on the internet by Rios de la Luz.

Two poems by Helena Chung over at Word Riot.

Groupie Murder Cult by Brenna Ehrlich at Vol. 1 Brooklyn.

#finalpoem by Courtney Bambrick over at Enclave.

The Danger of being a Woman by Vanessa Mártir up at The Butter.

Observations On Birds1 by Janice Lee at CCM/Entropy.

Xicana with an X by Iris Rodriguez at Xicana Chronicles.

This Is What Rihanna’s BBHMM Video Says About Black Women, White Women And Feminism by Mia McKenzie via Black Girl Dangerous.

Here is the Rihanna Video (NSFW):


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