Artist of the Month: Regina Román (Interview, Pt 2)

santa rata

                                                     Santa Rata by Regina Román

What I’m producing at any given time, is a direct reflection of where I am at that moment. Sometimes it’s escapist and fun and simply a release. Other times I’m overwhelmed with a need to address something that sits deeper. It’s nice to be able  to switch between the two when I feel like I’m getting burned out on one or I’m  starting to take myself too seriously.

I keep an Instagram page where I share a lot of my more loose, daily drawings and sharable things. It’s a lot of sketchpad journal entries, humor, digital drawings, social commentary, crafted things and basically all the things I would be making anyway for myself simply out of the need to make. Its been really encouraging to see people starting to discover the page and get excited about the work.

Rios: What have you learned about yourself from being a creator?

I’ve learned that creation is constant growth. It has been the most empowering thing in my life and a faithful companion. Its been a way for me to appreciate and find strength in my solitude and autonomy. It’s allowed me to become more political. It’s helped connect me with people all over the world who share in the same experiences. Its been my therapy, my release, my preferred language, and I’m grateful for how much it’s enriched my life.


Follow Regina on TUMBLR.
Her Instagram: @flojalife
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