Tuesday Poem: The Brink He Breathes by Sophie Becker

The Brink He Breathes
By Sophie Becker

ocean water

Listen to Sophie read The Brink He Breathes HERE

Sweet, saline water makes love drunk over full sheets.
No goodbye cry but
This throat has swelled like sea-sick belly.
Sane girl gone wild, wild girl gone loose,
Loose– loses water all over the place.
She, la niña
She, big drought
She, sucked dry then drenched
In water,
In spices,
In oils of most rare and fragrant kinds,
Drenched in love– swallowed up by rising tear drop – and then,
The mighty water breaks.
And she, birthing armies, birthing continents, birthing full fleets of ships,
Birthing men and women
and men that turn to women
and men that turn into women.
She bring big love to the brink where he be
It brought, be there to stay
Stay up tonight with she and big full sail sea-baby.
Stay up tonight, and I am found.


Sophie Becker is a performance artist interested in the interplay between text, movement, and sound. She is a recent Oberlin College graduate and is now based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her recent performance pieces include an original sound score and movement-based performance ethnography entitled “Performing Nudity, Dramatizing Neutrality,” which was shown at the Oberlin Dance Department’s Performance Ethnography Symposium. She also trained in the conservatory acting program at the British American Drama Academy in London. Though new to writing poetry, Sophie is excited to continue writing for performance and recording the spoken word. She can be reached at scbecker4@gmail.com


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