Magical Girls Run The World


Meet MGC, audio visual artists (juliustherobot and Ouji) who have a refreshing and beautiful message: if you are a creator, an artist, or any form of weird, you are magical and powerful no matter how you identify. Be yourself and embrace yourself as you continue to grow and learn.

“Being magical to us means being someone who seeks to be true to themselves and use that as their source of power to energize and inspire the world around them. Our music is about being confident and slaying villains both fictional and in real life.”
The beats are experimental, at times chaotic and you can definitely dance to them. The lyrics are fun, leading you into a vivid sci-fi dimension while keeping the wonderful message of being yourself and loving who you are.

MGC’s influences include Jamie Hewlett (Gorillaz), Junji Ito (Uzumaki) and Yoshitoshi Abe (Serial Experiments Lain), Missy Elliot and Aesop Rock.

Listen to Magical Rap Attack

Listen to Just Lose It


Julius and Ouji talked to me about what MGC means to them and what they want the project to mean for young people:

Ouji— It’s more possible than ever to create cool things and become involved in great projects with amazing people, thanks to the internet. If you want to create, be seen and express yourself, you can just go for it. You will find both an audience and like-minded people to collaborate with. People and opportunities will come. You don’t need too much to start except for your will to do it.

Julius and I are from different parts of the world (Argentina and USA) and never been in the same room together. We’re an absolutely independent project. Everything we put out there is made by us with no external help, but we don’t see any of those things as limitations. So, I want creative people to look at MGC and think ‘hey, I want to create things too. I want to start something like they did, with my own ideas,and put it out there.’ You dont need the support of big companies, or lots of experience, or big resources. And yes, you can start right now!

Julius— We created MGC out of nothing, and we want our audience to feel like they can do the same, no matter what they do. We want to make everyone aware of the fact that Ouji and I both operate this whole project in our free time and that it is entirely independent and without any sort of financial backing. Anything is possible with a computer, an internet connection, and a vision.

It is very important to me that we create an example for the younger generation that being weird, unusual, nonbinary, or any denomination of LGBT community provides the opportunity to create a foundation for new identities and ways of expressing oneself. I realize that our audience sits in the teenage range and it is very important to me that they have the opportunity to see two people worlds apart with unique ideas and ways of presenting themselves to the world–instead of the cookie cutter versions I saw growing up in southwest Oklahoma. It’s important that a young person finds someone that they can find themselves in and relate to–it can build confidence and a better understanding of how they can find their truest selves.


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