Badass Reads

Current reading situation: I am reading Caramelo by Sandra Cisneros again because her work always inspires me and grabs my heart and embraces it. Sandra is La Reina and I am thankful for her words and existence.

Badass Reads is a list of what to read on the internet by Rios de la Luz.

Bricklayer by Sophia Terazawa up at Bluestockings Magazine.

We Are Not All Strong Black Women by Raina J. Johnson over at Black Girl Dangerous.

Three poems by Tori Cardenas in the latest issue of AS US.

Constellations by Jane Healey up at Paper Darts.

You Write What You Read by Victoria Cho in the Luna Luna Realm.

Fear of Caterpillars: An Accumulation by Caelan Treacy in Kalyani Literary Magazine.

Skin Deep by Clara Borg in Scum Magazine.

Kiwi by Chloe Honum in the winter issue of One Throne Magazine.


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