Artist of the Month: Jessica Loraine Rocha

BrainSigFGDBsmall (2)

Brain Study I, 2015 by Jessica Loraine Rocha

What/who inspires you to create?

Anxiety inspires me to create. I gravitate to creating as an outlet, a release, as medicine…essentially all those things to relieve some type of built-up tension I have collected within. Creating gets my brain exploring. My anxiety helps me pin­point goals I think I should spear­head for my well­being.

Challenges or issues are usually sought out as opportunities for my growth. I think getting down on an art project (of any kind) alone or with others is “the way” to self-awareness and self-actualization for me. And I enjoy that type unraveling. Getting my shit together through my art. Creating gets me growing… it strengthens me on those low self-­confidence days. There is an uncanny beauty of the temporal struggle and of the immaterial win that I appreciate in my art process.

MayahuelSigDBSmall (1)

De Maguey, 2015 by Jessica Loraine Rocha


Buy Jessica’s Art HERE.

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IG: Snoosielucy



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