Artist of the Month: Jessica Loraine Rocha

tumblr_mee4m1Yd7k1qg2t7uo1_1280 (1)

A Family Portrait, 2012 by Jessica Loraine Rocha

What elements of your identity do you transfer into your art? Are there elements you purposely put onto a canvas?

Most of my art pieces are literally self-­portraits. Other times they show a symbolic narrative of something I have experienced in a surreal style. I call them my diary entries.

My art chronicles specific periods of my life: it showcases the things or people I was into at the time, the development of my skills, and the moods I could not help myself to feel and was obliged to express because of Vocation. I can say I identify with the things I like, the culture I was raised in, and the people who played a vital role in my existence. I like to play around with meaning and motif. That’s my jam.

Spring PortraitSig-F (1)

In Betweens, A Self-portrait, 2014 by Jessica Loraine Rocha


Buy Jessica’s Art HERE.

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IG: Snoosielucy


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