Artist of the Month: Sarahe Roman


Lucha Tropical by Sarahe Roman, Digital Illustration

What/who inspires you to create?

Fashion, architecture, music (I’ve been playing Tinashe on a loop lately). But it always changes, I seem to fuse a lot things that inspire me into one piece at times. Recently I’ve been self teaching myself Astrology and reading a lot about it so I’ve incorporated a lot of zodiac elements to some new work like my Post-It’s (Pictured below)  for the Giant Robot Show. I’m also inspired by a lot of retro posters and commercial art from the 1960’s. I love hand letter storefronts. I was recently on a google images binge looking at store front sign paintings and hair salon portraits (the signs people make to show you the type of styles they offer). It’s just so effortless and I love that because I tend to over think my art at times before I start a new piece.


Post-It Show 2015 by Sarahe Roman

About Sarahe’s Post-It Show: 
I really enjoyed making this collection for the Post-It Show last year. I applied my love for Astrology and Lucha girls into one to represent the many beauties of the Zodiac. All of them are representations of myself and women I know, because in astrology we’re made up of all the signs. In the process of learning about myself through the years I got into birth chart readings and really dissected my chart (which I still am working on and learning). I know some people don’t believe in it because they don’t relate to their sun sign but I felt the same way so decided to look deeper. I even had an astrologer by the name of Alyssa Sharpe read my chart which was amazing. I have come to love all the signs, because they’re all part of me in different ways. For instance, I am a Gemini sun, Virgo Moon, Pisces rising. I’m naturally a shy person, more of an introvert. I had always read that Geminis were outgoing and lively people and I was quite the opposite! It’s taken me a long time to love myself and come out of my shell. Learning about my moon sign and Rising sign helped me understand myself. I could talk about Astrology for hours if you’d let me but that’s all I will say about this. I just loved the outcome and that they turned out cohesive.

About Lucha Tropical (top photo): She’s based off my grandmother and the women that followed in my family. My mother’s side of the family is essentially a matriarchy, my grandmother left her abusive husband and came to this country in the late 60s on her own with six children but at different times (eso es otro cuento para otro dia). My Ama (as everyone in my family refers to her) is my hero, she’s gone through a lot and I think she’s the most amazing woman I know (besides my mother). Someday I’d like to write her story because it’s so empowering. She’s the most progressive older woman I know, she believes in aliens, she’s proud of her nietas as career women, she wants us to be self sufficient women, she’s just legit. The piece is also an homage to all women, whatever you may be going through or have gone through take pride in yourself, love yourself, without the dark moments we wouldn’t be as interesting and as amazing as we are. We learn from dark times, so learning to appreciate the bad makes us beautiful and strong. Luchadoras.


The second part of Sarahe’s interview will be up on March 16th.

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