Badass Reads

Current reading situation: The Folly of Loving Life by Monica Drake (out via Future Tense Books) I have loved Monica Drake’s work since I was 19 and every single time I read new work by her, I am overwhelmed with how fucking amazing she is at telling stories.

A collection of what to read online by Rios de la luz.

Three Pieces by Olivia Olivia for the Arrob@ Blog of Duke University.

The Sadness of the Mango Trees
by Haley Fedor up at The Fem Lit Magazine.

You Should Write My Life Story by Kathryn Mockler via Vol 1 Brooklyn’s Sunday Stories.

Poetry Suite by Amber Flame over at Nailed Magazine.

20 Tips for Your First Abortion by Madeleine Roe up at Paper Darts.

Poetry (black history month ain’t shit and brown-skinn’d orphan)  by Sequoyah Moore in Issue 5 of As Us Journal.

Still by Dawn Lang via Bluestockings Magazine.

The Crazy Shit I Did To Catcallers by Elizabeth Ribar over at Luna Luna Magazine.


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