Artist of the Month: Emma Bagley


No Hope by Emma Bagley

Is art cathartic for you?
Oh yeah. I zone out and meditate on my breath or whatever I’m listening to. Music is really important to my process. I’m always listening to something and sometimes it really shapes the piece that I am working on. My favorite band to listen to while I draw is Dawn Of Midi. I spend my time while I am at work and in the world tracing shapes with my eyes.  Nothing feels better than putting those shapes onto paper and embrace the possibilities of a blank canvas. I’m genuinely happy when I’m drawing.

breathe_com (1)

Breathe by Emma Bagley


Emma lives in Portland, Or.  She spends her time walking, drawing, working and making videos.

Emma has a new body of work going up May 1st at Ristretto Roasters: 3808 N Williams Ave in Portland, OR.  It will be on view through June. She has been collaborating with a photographer on a book which is expected to be released at the end of this month (May 2016).

For more of her work go HERE and HERE.

Follow Emma on IG: @emasesame


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