In-Trance By Miss Rai

In-Trance by Miss Rai

rai power stance


There’s nothing like gliding into a room and sucking out all air leaving the others gasping. If you’re ready for the energy of an entire room can place on you with their gazes, let’s begin our ritual. Bathe yourself clean with your potions and perfumes. Leave a smell not too strong or offensive to let linger even after you’re gone. Something maybe warm to be inviting. If you want to invoke happiness, fruity smells like different citruses. Things that hit lower and longer are deeper tones like sandalwood and amber. When wanting a certain prey to remember you, always leave that scent on their clothes by hugging them. They will breathe you in, carry apart of you inside them even if it is just moments. People’s sense of smell triggers memory more powerful than any other senses. Wear that signature smell when you can whenever you can to make that imprint in their minds.

When picking clothes, keep in mind the color and print. Vibrations from color are strongest with certain jewel tones. Humans have placed significant meanings to colors and they have become very important to them over time. Red is my personal go to because wherever you place it on the body, the onlookers eyes go directly there. Red hair, red lips, red fabric, red shoes. Hello, Wicked Witch of the East. It creates feelings of alertness and passion, sometimes danger like a rose and her thorns. If you’re a fire elemental, keep red in your closet. At the same time, yellow, air, creates the same feelings but instead of a complete halt, it’s speaks more of caution. It’s a little more inviting than provokes a sense of poison. The color is even proven to make a human feel more hungry. More hungry for you. Both are high frequency and flash fast. If you’re wanting to create a more mysterious veil, I suggest royal blues and purples. Both colors gives off vast power like mountains and oceans. Which, duh, fit for earth and water elements. If you can, wear the deep colors with longer and flowing fabric. Will remind others of ceremonial robes.

rai looking xingona

You’ve picked your potion, ritual costume, now you must enter. Preparing to enter a door will be the peak of your presence. You can practice in the mirror mirror on the wall. Wonder Woman stances with your feet firmly on the ground in a nice triangular formation and your fists on your hips would be a nice start. Figuring out the chin position would be the most difficult. You shouldn’t look down because that is a sign of submission. Keeping your chin up too high can come off as aggressively arrogant, unless you want to go that route. Get it, bish. I’m assuming proper lady schooling they had back in the day with them spell books on top of the crown had more to it than just balance. When entering through the door, your chest and top area should be fairly motionless and your legs moving so it’s almost like an implied glide. Usually villains wear those long trained skirts to hide most of the work below. Shoulders should be pulled back and squared. When standing in the bathroom line, you keep your guard up to ward off unnecessary energy by holding yourself tough in the shoulders. Cocking your hips slanted is a relaxed sign, so avoid it unless you’re going for cocky. Then put your big toe facing down to the ground, preferably in a boot. The last rule would be keeping fairly silent in speech. Few words. If this isn’t your nature, it’s okay to skip this part but if you’re gathering strength, there’s a possibly someone will hand you word weapons if you listen carefully. Others will deem you mysterious and a man of few words. They will want more. And that my fellow, is how you put a spell on them.


About Miss Rai: Activist. Breeder. Creator. Empath. The Empress. Power in flesh.


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