Chingona Magic By Angela Aguirre

Chingona Magic by Angela Aguirre (Video Below)

Chingona magic is a revolutionary act.
An act of resistance.
It is as much about lipstick as it is about fighting the patriarchy.
Chingona magic is the ability to convey an entire message with your eyebrows alone.
It is switching from Spanish to English mid conversation, zero fucks given
It is correcting the pronunciation of graceful words on lazy tongues.
Chingona magic is running for office and applying for college,
It is loving yourself and taking no shit and refusing to apologize for your existence.
It is raising your voice when others try to silence it.
To be a chingona means you don’t usually need  help
But you also aint afraid to ask for it when you do.

It is cruising down Whittier blvd in your OWN low rider
bumping Selena and rocking the darkest shade of lipstick you own.
It is showing up to work, every day, to a job you love, because chingonas don’t settle.

To be a chingona means you have your own.
And I don’t mean car, house, or business…yet
but you own something inside yourself that cannot be taken from you.
Something that cannot be given away,
You own your chingona magic.
It is the reason you survive,
Not because of luck
But because the fire within you
Burns brighter than the one around you.

It is the intimacy of chisme around the kitchen table
The sharing of stories that do not belong to us with women who do.
It is the pouring of wine into glasses that will be sipped by lips who have been betrayed
It is the roast that follows,
The “girl, he was never good enough for you anyway.”
Chingona magic is communal.
It is self-care on Sunday and beasting a meeting on Monday.

Chingona magic is mystical and ancient
Like rosary beads and la santa maria
Like the protection of oshun and yemaya
It is the writing of poems
and the sharing of them with rooms full of strangers
It is believing in a power greater than yourself.
Chingona magic tastes like simmered onion and garlic
Like the recipe passed down to you by generations
not sweet. but savory.
like the foundation of every home cooked meal


About the Poet (Bio credit from her website) : Angela Aguirre is a Los Angeles based poet and teaching artist who enjoys utilizing her creativity in meaningful ways. A teacher by nature, she has a talent for working with teens. She is best at recognizing “teaching moments” and using them to cultivate dialogue that encourages them to explore their thoughts and feelings through writing.
Angela believes she was born to help bring the creativity out of others. She says, “To say that I ‘give’ my students a voice would be inaccurate. What I do, is remind them that they have one.” She is currently the Site Coordinator at La Pintoresca Teen Education Center in Pasadena, CA and has created a number of classes that are created entirely from her original curriculum and project ideas. She has worked closely with youth in many different settings; from mainstreamed students, to those with special needs, those enrolled in continuation schools, as well as those living in group homes.
Angela has a Bachelors degree from California State University, Los Angeles in Communication Studies with an emphasis in Rhetoric and Social Change. She has recently completed the Community Literature Initiative held at USC, and is looking to publish her book Confessions of a Firework. As an artist and teacher, she hopes to inspire young people to recognize their power and to work toward creating a better world through art.

Follow her on IG: @Angelaloves


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