Artist of the Month: Hana Shafi


Image by Hana Shafi

What elements of your identity do you transfer into your art?

There are many elements of my identity that I put into my art. The fact that I am a woman of colour and a feminist is very much infused into my artwork. My life experiences are infused into my artwork. I put bits of me in all my artwork, which means that a lot of emotional labour goes into it.


Image by Hana Shafi 

What messages do you want people to receive from your art?

There are so many messages people can take from my artwork, that it’s hard to really articulate it. Everyone’s life experiences will make them experience my art in a different way. But I guess the big things I’m trying to channel is empathy and understanding; even in my pen pieces, though they’re quite different from my positive affirmations and they tend to be a little more frightening and strange, I’m still trying to connect with my viewer, to bare my wounds to them and see if they can relate.


Image by Hana Shafi


Bio (from Hana’s Tumblr Page):  Hana. 22. Toronto. But you can just call me Frizz Kid. Freelance artist, writer, expired foods tester, rabid adventurer. One day I started doodling and I never stopped. And that’s the best decision I’ve ever made.

IG: frizzkidart

I do commissioned art. For requests, send me a message on Tumblr, or email me at


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