Artist of the Month: Hana Shafi


Image by Hana Shafi 

What have you learned about yourself from being a creator?

I’ve learned that I am a fighter, that I am sensitive, that I am gentle and fragile at times, but also strong, and courageous, and fierce. I’ve learned to appreciate myself and to nurture myself. I’ve learned that connecting with ones sadness and pain is part of how you heal.

blue lips

Blue Lips by Hana Shafi

What was the first piece of art you ever made?

This is not the first piece of art I ever made. But it’s an old one that has significance to me. I always made art as a child and I made art all throughout high school, but I never thought it was good enough. I stopped putting time into my art as a hobby, because I felt it wasn’t good enough to show anyone or do anything with. Then, in my second year of university, a friend bought me a notebook. That’s when I started to really get back into drawing. “Blue lips” is the ninth drawing in the notebook.


Beanie Girl by Hana Shafi

Beanie Girl: This is quite a recent piece, but it’s very important to me. While I started getting a lot of recognition for my positive affirmations artwork, those pieces are actually quite a departure from my quintessential style as an artist. They hyper-detailed, strange, disproportionate feel of Beanie Girl is actually one of the truest representations of my style. I got so caught up doing my positive affirmations artworks (which are very close to my heart, of course) that I forgot to put time into the odd pen drawings that really got me started as an artist. There is a great contrast in style in many of my artworks, but that’s something I love, and I think it speaks to my complexities as a person.


Bio (from Hana’s Tumblr Page):  Hana. 22. Toronto. But you can just call me Frizz Kid. Freelance artist, writer, expired foods tester, rabid adventurer. One day I started doodling and I never stopped. And that’s the best decision I’ve ever made.

IG: frizzkidart

I do commissioned art. For requests, send me a message on Tumblr, or email me at



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