Not Our President: An Anthology Benefit for Planned Parenthood + the ACLU

Today is Inauguration Day and it’s a day leaving so many with fear and uncertainty. 

In the wake of the presidential election and today’s inauguration we know you have a lot to say, and you want to help. We want to hear your voice. We want to do anything to help, even in a small way.

Cameron Pierce of Lazy Fascist Press and editor/curator of Ladybox Books Constance Ann Fitzgerald are co-editing an anthology titled Not Our President. 

Not Our President is a way for the literary community to show our support of POC, the disabled, LGBTQ, women, and anyone else who has been spoken/acted against by Donald Trump and his supporters. 100% of proceeds will be donated and split between the ACLU and Planned Parenthood.

We want your experiences before, during, and after this election. We want stories from your families, friends, neighbors and strangers on the streets. We want your thoughts on what the recent events bring up for you. We want your protest anthems. Most of all, we want you to be heard.

In terms of content, we are looking for fiction (between 500 and 5,000 words), poetry, and essays. Reprints are acceptable. Email submission to notourpresident2017(at) gmail(dot)com.

 – Deadline April 15th 2017 –


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