Photographer of the Month: Alex Romero

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Colocasia’s Chest by Alex Romero

“This photo of this elephant ear leaf, really reminds me of a human anatomy of a chest when I turned this image into black and white. I feel like I can stare at this one for hours playing some forest sounds in the background. I like how it’s so dark at the bottom and the contrast it makes as you keep looking at it going up or vice versa.”

Rios: Does your photography have any cathartic elements for you?

Alex: Definitely. I feel a sense of healing when I take certain photos or when I look back on them. Especially the ones I take of plants/scenery. I try to stay connected to nature and Mother Earth through my photography.


Untitled by Alex Romero

“This one is an all time favorite because of the sunset and shadows of this couple, but mostly because this is one of the first photos I took with a DSLR camera. My former high school history teacher and friend Julija took me out to take photos and was kind enough to let me take a few photos with her Nikon, she’s always been supportive of my photography, so this one is really special for me.”

Rios: Who or what inspires you to engage in photography?

Alex: There are many things that inspire me to do photography I don’t know where to start, but I’ll start with saying that simply life inspires me. When I do street photography I mostly try to capture people of color or things related to my culture. I think it’s important to preserve and document our people and our culture or no one else will do it. As a woman photographer of color I feel like it’s my responsibility to do so, but to also represent myself as a photographer in a male dominated industry.

Poetry inspires me as well. Sometimes, I write poetry related to life, personal issues and I feel like that mostly inspires the photos I take of nature/scenery. I feel like poetry and nature together are healing and both release a sense of relief. Music also influences the photography I do, depending on what I listen to it gets me in certain moods on what I feel like capturing on that day. But I would say that I mostly inspire myself, if it wasn’t for myself to keep going with photography and ignoring the people who put me down as I aspired to be a photographer, I don’t know what I would be doing right now.


If you want to see more magical photography, follow Alex on IG: tinyavocado


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