Amerikkka/We Are Still Here by Esperanza Cisneros


Esperanza marching in LA



I survived, you survived, we survived

The land that weeps, the land that bleeds
Oh, how our mother still hurts…

Nothing has changed, but the time
So here I will leave this rhyme
To remind…

Do not believe the lies, believe the crimes
Upon us, the people of the lands
For over 500 years
By those, the pale skinned
Do not let them continue…

Poisoning our bodies, our minds
We must unite, it is our time
The 7th generation…
We shall rise



We Are Still Here

We are still here,
Our voices will be heard

We are still here,
With pride, we stand united!

We are still here
Remaining strong and full of light!

Don’t forget that we have been here,
You erased us, but we are still here- fighting

We are still here
Forever we shall remain,
Tell’ em all we are going nowhere!

This poem by Esperanza Cisneros was first published in Devyn Galindo’s book Titled “We Are Still Here” on November 18, 2016 at MCAU art gallery in Echo park California.

Bio: “I’m Esperanza Cisneros. I’ve been writing since I was 7 years old. I use my words in order to heal and accept the reality we live in, which can at times be very troubling especially for people of colour. I hope to give others comfort through my writing by expressing that we are not alone in our feelings, we aren’t as as different as we think.”


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