Photographer of the Month: Alex Romero

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Neon Leaves by Alex Romero

“I have this thing about neon lights/signs, I don’t know exactly what attracts me to neon lights but I can’t help getting photos of some. This was taken outside a Mexican restaurant around my neighborhood, I was doing laundry that day. Don’t they make a great combo together?”

Rios: What parts of your identity do you transfer into your photography?

Alex: I try to bring different parts of my identity into my photography such as parts of my Chicana culture, or things and places I find nostalgic to my childhood or neighborhoods,such as the people in those cities.

I also like to bring my feelings into photos, for instance sadness, humor, feeling joyful, whether capturing that through the colors of the weather or other surroundings or people in the streets.

Processed with VSCO with c9 preset

Santa’s Little Helpers by Alex Romero

“I took this one in Tijuana around December when I went to pick up my grandma. We stopped by El Centro and I saw these employees with Santa hats, thought they were adorable.”

Rios: Are there any specific messages you try to convey in your images?

Alex: Some messages I try to show in my photos with both scenery/nature and street photography is to look beyond your surroundings throughout your day. I often feel that there are little things and/or people in daily life that get unnoticed.I want people to look around their neighborhoods more often or the people, maybe there’s a mural they have never seen or certain people who are always at a certain spot. I want people to get off their phones and just take some time to appreciate life. Sometimes I feel like the reason I capture certain images of people in the streets is because they remind me of something or cause an emotion that I want others to feel through the image I captured.


Reflecting by Alex Romero

“This was taken in Joshua Tree a little bit after taking this photo my friends and I drove to this side of Joshua Tree and we started climbing on some rocks. That was a heavy week for me, I had a lot in my mind. I took time to sit on one of the rocks and meditate, I got chills after a while feeling the wind in my face as the sun kept setting and thinking of my ancestors and what my purpose in life is. I reflected so much of what my indigenous ancestors have gone through. I had my mind a lot on the water protectors and my eyes just started watering down of feeling heartbroken of what’s currently still happening at Standing Rock. It was definitely healing to reflect and meditate amongst the desert.”


If you want to see more magical photography, follow Alex on IG: tinyavocado


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