Photographer of the Month: Alex Romero


Untitled by Alex Romero

“I love all the shades of green around this nopal, I feel like they all pop out in their own way.”

Rios: Is there something you can’t help but take a photo of?

Alex: That’s a hard question for me. Nopales (cacti) and sunsets are some of my favorite things to capture. Sunsets are so magical because there are so many different colors and it’s just amazing to witness how the Earth is creating something so magical and unreal. Nopales are also my favorite to capture because they remind me of my culture and of my ancestors and they remind me of being resilient.


Untitled by Alex Romero

“This photo makes me happy because to me the community means so much to me and also seeing people of color taking up space and coming together to dance, without them there is no Los Angeles.”

Rios: What have you learned about yourself from being a creator?

Alex: I have learned that as an artist, as I’m growing and learning, so does my art. It reflects through my photos how they’ve progressed and gotten better, I believe that there’s always room for progress and growth.


After the Storm by Alex Romero

“It had been raining that day for so long, I remember looking up that day and seeing the light hitting this palm tree so perfectly I had to take a photo.”


If you want to see more magical photography, follow Alex on IG: tinyavocado


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