Photographer of the Month: Emily Rose Brown


Bay Area, Summer 2015 by Emily Rose Brown

What parts of your identity do you transfer into your photography?

I think I transfer my youthfulness into my images, a sense of discovering the world for oneself and a youthful wonderment and vulnerability. I don’t know if I would call myself a dancer but dancing is deeply therapeutic for me and I transfer this sense of motion through my poses and in the way I direct people, as well as capturing synchronicity with the surrounding environment. I also transfer my femme identity into my images; I mostly shoot with femmes and am always drawn to hairstyles, makeup, accessories, but it comes through in the quality of my images which I feel are strong but soft.


Western Mass, Winter 2015 by Emily Rose Brown 

Does your photography have any cathartic elements for you?

Definitely! Photography allows me to bask in moments of magic, and capture those feelings. It gives me the release of escape from the routines and stress of everyday life and enter a new world of adventure and discovery. Shooting analogue helps me to slow down my thought process and focus on composition and lighting more closely. Not being able to see a photo right away gives a greater sense of importance and attention to the photos I take. For me photography is all about feeling, I want to share an emotion or give a glimpse into another world. Photography always feels like an adventure to me, of uncovering things hidden and things in plain sight.


Bay Area, Summer 2015 by Emily Rose Brown



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