Photographer of the Month: Emily Rose Brown


Leimert Park, Festival of Masks: Day of Ancestors, Summer 2016 by Emily Rose Brown

Is there something you can’t help but take a photo of?

I am really drawn to color, things that catch my eye are almost always related to color– blocks of color, contrasting colors, complementary colors! I am also drawn to places where nature and industry meet. Growing up in the Bay Area, nature is almost always present; the mountains, hills, bodies of water, and parks that exist even within cityscapes have allowed me to appreciate both and especially their juxtaposition.


From the “Embodiment” Series by Emily Rose Brown

Are there any specific messages you try to convey in your images?

When I’m out and something catches my eye, I don’t usually have a message, again it is more emotionally motivated. Many of my fashion shoots are just about creating images that are aesthetically pleasing and capturing the colors, textures, and environment. The series I’m working on right now (“Embodiment”) does have a definite message though; I am using photography, and accompanying interviews, as a means of visual protest and storytelling.  I want to draw attention to the way popular media depicts and represents marginalized people and reimagine how their stories are presented. Our social issues of police brutality, systemic violence and oppression need to be addressed but these images, videos and narratives circulating in the media of POC, women, disabilities, LGBTQ community, survivors, and all other marginalized people can be very damaging to viewers. With “Embodiment” I am interested in producing an uplifting counter-narrative through showcasing a wide variety of people presenting their own experiences. My images strive to dismantle assumptions about people based on appearance, and allow them to choose how they present themselves and tell their stories.



South Los Angeles, Summer 2016 by Emily Rose Brown


From the “Embodiment” Series by Emily Rose Brown 


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